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All microlight light sport trikes require some TLC - as a trike pilot you must be aware of what the aircraft requires to remain in a condition of airworthiness, to keep you flying safely for many years.

Periodic maintenance for the undercarriage, engine and the wing is mandatory in accordance to the manufacturer's requirements. You should maintain an aircraft log that records both periodic maintenance, modifications and defect reports.

What you need to know

The aircraft must have a Maintenance Release which will identify certain areas of maintenance that must be conducted, either by time in service (engine hours), due date (3 months, etc.) or even number of landings.

Never fly an aircraft without supporting documentation of the aircraft's operational history.
"How do you know the machine is safe to fly, if you are unable to make an informed decision?"
Have you ever thought of checking your wings 'real condition' to be safe in the air? When did you have your wing airframe / sail overhauled?  What condition is your sail fabric, UV damage, stitching strength, keel pocket attachment? When did you last replace all your airframe structure or undercarriage suspension bolts/nuts?

In the next few months we will expand our website to include a wide variety of information on flexwing microlight maintenance to assist you in understanding - the importance of preventative & scheduled maintenance.