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  Evolution of a microlight..

Vision of a WizardAnother great aviation story of pioneering achievements in powered manned flight - is the evolution of the microlight aircraft or trike.

Basically, a microlight is a light sport aircraft that has two components - a wing and the trike/engine unit.

Over the past three decades, since about 1982, the microlight wing conceived as a simple delta shape structure - has evolved with re-defined aerodynamic engineering to create a softwing aerofoil that is safe, efficient, very fast & still transportable.

The powered undercarriage/tricycle unit is bolted to the wing airframe at the CG, Centre of Gravity, and today are capable of safely carrying two people in comfort, with improved cockpit ergonomics, larger fuel tanks and predictable handling at higher ground speeds.

The Wally Thede & Chris Brandonstylish, fast and agile machines we fly today, are far beyond..... ...our imaginations of 1980, and the earlier trikes...

The tricycle undercarriage has the engine & pusher propellor fitted on the rear of the trike to provide the thrust. Many original trikes in the early 80's were fitted with simple generator motors (25-40hp) or similar engines.

Current day trikes have larger reliable engines, usually two or four stroke Rotax engines - from 40hp up to 100hp with intergrated gearbox reduction units to mount 2, 3 or 4 blade propellors. Microlights have evolved to provide sport pilots an aircraft that is smooth and quiet, offering efficient performance with integrated safety features..., like BRAKES.Chaser S 447!

The microlight is born..!

It would be prudent to suggest who or where the very first microlight trike was built and flown. There are several websites that investigate the origin of a trike, but history is difficult to confirm without absolute reference to the pilot.? We only offer our expressed opinion on the topic here..!

Although information is sketchy - research indicates in the late seventy's & early eighties, a handful of keen hang glider pilots in France, England, Germany, the USA and Australia, did build basic three wheeled power units to bolt on their everyday hang gliders.... and go flying!

1988 - Buzzard 532 Arrow II. Gresford. NSWOver the years, several microlight manufacturers have grown from the grass roots of the 80's, to become global market leaders in producing these amazing light sport aircraft. In short, there are only about seven major microlight manufacturers across the globe building trikes that are fully certificated to an accredited Design Standard, and operating with export production.

These remarkable trike manufacturers have equally continued the tradition of affordable safe microlight flying, against the ever increasing costs of design certification compliance, manufacturing expenses and market demand. Aviation can be a cruel dictator..

Today we see the major trike factories producing safe certified trikes - located in Australia, England, USA and France. There are several smaller trike manufacturers in South Africa, Germany, Italy and the higher populated countries.

Microlight competitions are highly contested in certain parts of England, Europe and South Africa. Many experienced trike pilots attend to represen1995 - Flyright Challenge Competitorst their home turf at an International level in the chosen aircraft.

The major manufacturers can reap significant rewards in world status, with a 1st Place win at the World Microlight Championships, held in alternative countries bi-annually.

In Oz, we have not taken strongly to microlight competitions - as with tow kite flying and hang gliding of earlier years, which was very competative at both State and National levels.

The passion for competitioAir Creation Trike - 1995ns appear only evident in the efforts by CFI's, Chris Brandon, and Joe Scott (RIP), to organise and conduct trike competitions in the 90's with demanding pilot/aircraft challenges!

To date, there have been few trike comps in Australia.. most significant attempts being the Smithy's Cup Trike Competition, held twice at Hexham near Newcastle - the Flyright Challenge at Royal Newcastle Aero Club, 1992, 1st Place Winner, Russell Duncan, and the NSW State Trike Titles at Kempsey, 1992 - 1st Place Winner, Chris Brandon.

Custom has it, we aussies have a competative spirit in many sports - its appears somewhat strange, there has been little representation of an Aussie trike team competing at the international level with an Aussie trike..!Snow flying - Clipper XP15


  Simplicity ~ Reliability ~ Safety


Air Creation's philosophy...

AIR CREATION have designed, constructed and produced a record 7000 microlights since1982. The factory design team, managed by Mssr. Giles BRU & Jean IVES, have established a reputation of engineering light sport trikes that satisfy or exceed many International Sport Aviation Design Certification Requirements and Testing Standards, with an impeccable record of clever reason for aircraft safety, reliability and simplicity.

ATanarg BioniXir Creation have always designed and manufactured all their own flexwing microlight aircraft from draft board concept.. to in flight reality!


Across the globe, many flexwing trike manufacturers have attempted to copy Air Creation's technology and design features... without equal.!

You will experience outstanding quality, technological engineering and aerodynamic efficiency... when you fly the superior breed of Air Creation flexwing microlights.

The a.r.v.Tanarg - named after the huge mountain just near the factory, is the latest in the Air Creation fleet of microlights.

Air Creation have a range of versatile wings that are certified to the German DULV Pitch Testing requirements, with 6g's positive and 4g's negative Static Load Certification, providing a MTOW of 472.5 kg.a.r.v. Tanarg 912s

The wings are simply the finest craftsmanship in softwing design - with cutting edge sail technology, incorporated profile distortion membrane and variable geometry twist-control.

The technology of an Air Creation BioniX wing, is the culmination of three decades of creative thinking and manufacturing committment - to design & certify the only (Patent) variable geometry aerofoil, that offers you mastery of flight - the ultimate microlight.!

...the future is BioniX...

The evolution of a microlight is ever changing as technology of materials and fabrics develop and the designers continue to achieve perfection of flight.... what microlight will you be flying in the future? One thing for sure, we'll be flying - Air Creation..!

Our vision for the future - is to positively expand the sport of microlight flying... beyond the restrictive monopoly trends of the past, offering all pilots an affordable choice of Air Creation microlight products in Australia.

"Why risk your safety flying anything less...?"


Satis-Fly.. your Passion.!