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We have linked some interesting websites that are informative, fun and will assist you with understanding why there are so many more reasons to fly Air Creation aircraft. You can link to the history of delta kite flying, learning to fly at YFT, Tanarg blogs, trike sites, the weather, Alice Springs and lots more. Be sure to visit the factory in France at the AC website to see the creators of the finest microlight trikes on the planet.

Discover the magic & why you should visit the centre of Australia, Alice Springs and fly with us at Air Creation in Australia.

Click... Yarrawonga Flight Training and explore how you can safely learn to fly Air Creation microlights with Peter & Anne McLean at Hangar 19... In 2012 - we are proud to inform you, YFT is now our 1st Air Creation Agent. You can arrange a BLAST.. in the very stylish Tanarg 912s (100hp) BioniX 13 ... an experience you will never forget with Peter & Anne. Yarrawonga. Victoria.

Go back to where it all began... Investigate the history of delta kites with John Dickenson or join in the social activities with Alltrikes, Social Trike Pilot and Recreational Flying, where you can view videos, forums and more. 

Get the latest info on Rotax and HKS engines, visit the RA-Aus site to get the real picture about our leading sport aviation organisation and how you can get your Pilot Certificate and fly your dream.

Check the latest weather in your region at Weatherzone, and be sure to visit Whip Cracking Productions. Troy Dann has developed exciting animated stories of Oakies Outback Adventures established from some great Aussie history. Cleverly played out through poetry and colourful characters for kids, even the adults will love Oakie's Adventures..!

Alice Springs is the gateway to the Outback... marvel at the colours of Uluru, the Olgas, see Devel's Marbles and Chamber's Pillar.. 4WD into Rainbow Valley and breath the desert air without the hussle n'bustle of a busy city life..!

Enjoy..  share the friendships of Air Creation in Australia.

Air Creation - France

The microlight innovators, manufacturing the finest light sport microlight aircraft in the world. We are proud to be the Australian Distributor since 1994.

John Dickenson - Kites 1963 Australia 

John Dickenson, my friend, a gentleman and original inventor of the manned hang glider delta design in Australia. John is without doubt a man who gave us wings of simple principle in modern hang gliders of today.

Yarrawonga Flight Training

YFT - Yarrawonga Flight Training at Hangar 19, Yarrawonga. Our recently appointed Air Creation Agent - Peter & Anne McLean own & operate Australia's leading microlight flight training facility 7 days a week.

AlltrikesAlltrikes is a great website to mix & mingle with trike pilots from around the world... its all about trikes, so join the fun and share the dream.

Trike Pilot

A great trike site where you can see amazing pictures/videos... a fun site.

Bert Flood Imports

Rotax Engine Distributor - Australia

HKS Aviation Engines

HKS Engines and Service Data

Tanarg Microlight

Bob Thompson started flying in 1995 and is a true passionate pilot flying his Tanarg BioniX. Bob has created a blog that offers you un-bias information about the many reasons why you should fly an Air Creation Tanarg BioniX aircraft. 

Sport Pilot TV

Sport Pilot TV ia a TV show and resouce website all about recreational aircraft.

Aircraft OnlineYour aviation marketplace - Go here for insurance packages or see what is for sale in aviation.

Alice Springs Aero Club

Alice Springs Aero Club - located at Alice Springs Airport and Bond Springs Airfield.

Travel NT

Travel NT offers an exciting website with information about travelling in the Northern Territory.

The Alice

Alice Springs - Central Australia... You'll never never know. if you never never go!


Recreational Aviation Australia,  is our organisaton so join us and fly legally.

Wikipedia - the free Encyclopedia

Research data about Francis Rogallo - NASA Engineer - 1948.

Recreational Flying

Join online with many other members of the recreational flying community - forums, safety issues, chat room its free.

NASA - Paresev - 1968 Tow Wing Concept

The Paresev - in 1968 the NASA developed a very unique tow wing machine.

Weather Zone Australia

Get the latest weather details in Australia - Satellite Chart, Forecasts & much more.

Whip Cracking Productions

Troy Dann - Outback Adventures ~ Media Production & Distribution Company showcasing Outback Australia.


Chuck Goodrum - A triker in the USA.


Chuck Goodrum, a trike pilot buzzing with passion, enthusiasm and a great website that oozes all sorts of great info about trikes and flying microlights around the globe!