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  Learning to Fly

You can learn to fly microlights at many locations across Australia and it's easy, safe and affordable. The flying training you require to legally command a microlight is established basically from a combination of being in the air.. in-flight instruction, and being on the ground... briefs, DVDs, books and theory lessons.Destination Outback - Aug 1992 - Who's in command..? - Chris Brandon & Russell Johns

To be a safe pilot you will need to understand how to apply the principles of flight, basic air law and human factors to your airmanship skills. You will also need to be aware of the weather and the conditions you choose to fly.

Your age, health and fitness may effect certain aspects of your flight training. Usually, if you hold a driver's licence and satisfy the CFI (Chief Flying Instructor) with your pilot & theory skills, your on your way to fly..! 

Flying microlights is not dangerous, it's just that any form of flying can be terribly unforgiving! In fact, driving a motor car or motor bike can also be very dangerous, it's a matter of choice, responsibility and our decisional actions. 


  Flight Training

We have established & operated two of Australia's largest flight schools and at present do not operate a flight school. You can take an aircraft demonstration flight with us in our Tanarg 912 at Bond Springs Airport or Aileron Station, although you must make contact with us to arrange these flights.

During the past 5 years, we have created the Ultimate Off-Road Tanarg Trailor. Our Tanarg aircraft, travels softly on any road - with complete creature comforts, ample storage, fridge, stove, Stereo DVD, solar power, water and satisfies all the necessary requirements to conduct flight training, in the most remote corners of the aussie outback.

In 2013, we anticipate the RA-Aus will approve our Special Purpose Flight Training Facility (mobile flight school), allowing us to teach you to fly where you live. Several outback Station properties in Central Australia, are larger than the size of Sydney, and are 3-4 hours driving on the roughest gravel roads in the country.

In addition, most station owners are not able to leave the property due to livestock demands, distance & costs and usually have their own airstrip.. for the RAFDS - the Flying Doctor Service!

We believe this concept is the way of the future, for microlight flight training in Australia. Learning to fly from your own property or station, allows you to correctly understand and experience, the local effects of landscape, weather and environment you will be flying. Imagine that... learning to fly around your own back-yard..!

Basically, you are required to achieve 20 hours flight time in a microlight aircraft and successfully pass the theory examinations prior to the issue of your RA-Aus Pilot Certificate. The RA-AUS (Recreational Aviation Australia) administer Pilot Certficates, Endorsements and Aircraft Registration for a variety of light sport aircraft in Australia.


To commence your flying training, we only recommend Peter McLean at Yarrawonga Flight Training, Yarrawonga. Peter & Anne operate 7 days a week from Hangar 19 and will professionally instruct you to the recognised standard for the issue of your very own RA-Aus Pilot Certficate. Go to: YFT - Click here


  Human Factors

Human Factors.. is the most important aspect to learning to fly. The brain controls the hands and feet, and we need to be aware of how to make good decisions about our flying journey. There are many components to the human factors of safe flight and you should make yourself fully aware of how your Decisional Skills (THINKING) will keep you - safe in the air..!

Download our unique (click here) Human Factors message to open your thoughts to how the brain works..!

A simple philophy applied to my flying has always been - RAMBO.


R - rested. Sound Sleep, Body Well Rested

A - attitude. Positive Thoughts, Sound Mind with a Clear Head

M - medication. Balance of Health - Responsible Care with Medication

B - bottle. 8 hours (alchohol) Bottle to Throttle

O - organised. Documentation, Log Book, Aircraft Maintenance, Airspace & Weather


Air Creation manufacture the safest microlights on the planet, that's the first step in making the right decision.

If you would like to know more about learning to fly or buying an Air Creation microlight, please email or call us and we will be happy to assist you with making the correct decisions.

We look forward to flying Air Creation microlights with you soon.

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