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  BioniX 15

A world first.. variable geometry wing configuration designed by Air Creation.

You can fly with mastery of flight, even in the most extreme conditions with the ability to safely land in short distances. A slow stall speed of 34 knots and a VNE - 99 Knots, allows you to adjust your flight speed to create a smooth, comfortable feeling in the cockpit - the BioniX 15..Thumbs up! simply AMAZING..!

The technology of the BioniX 15, is exact science..

Prepare to fly further, much further cross country in the BioniX 15..!

A unique patented - CORSET system incorporated into the sail root chord is easy to ajust & set with the turn of the operation handle. No matter the speed, the pleasant handling in pitch & roll, with direct predictable performance is effective, precise & smooth. Like no other..

The BioniX ' CORSET' variable geometry..

The CORSET variable geometry, effectively controls the trailing edge wing twist through an internal membrane system that precisely controls the profile shape of the wing section at minimum & maximum flight speeds. The ability to adjust the wing twist, without the use of trailing edge reflex bridles is a world first in the microlight industry and you can be assured this concept did not appear over-night.

BioniX leading edge turbulatorsThe Air Creation design team have always broken new ground in the triking world.

The CORSET variable geometry of the BioniX is the result of many years of drafting effort & factory testing, to give you a wing that will go beyond your expectations - without compromise in safety or efficiency.

The leading edges are re-enforced with an ABS insert which is further enhanced with leading edge turbulators, specific batten spacing to avoid profile deformation, all encompassed with mastery in laser sail technology.

The top surface of the wing sail fabric is Hydranet which has two unique test strips which can be section cut (periodically) for ballistic testing each maintenance cycle.

The sail test strips are load tested by the factory to confirBioniX 15 Wingletm the integrity of the sail fabric & stitching - giving you a flexwing that is superior in safety management control. A bettsometer is old technology..!

The overall finish of the BioniX 15, is professionally engineered to world class standards that will exceed your most wildest expectations in microlight safety and performance. The wing structure tubing, airframe junctions and quality components are developed from the many thousands of wings produced by Air Creation since 1982.

The Result..  is an Air Creation wing that can handle loads up to 450kgs, take off & land in 60 metres (at sea-level), has an excellent climb rate, variable speed range and is very, very aerodynamically efficient... the BioniX 15.!

Download Here:  Performance Specifications Data Sheet (pdf) - BioniX 15 

 Snow Flying the BioniX 15 Corset System Air Creation Factory 2012 

You will be definitely impressed with the overall handling, comfort and safety of the Tanarg 912s - BioniX 15..

Fly.. FIRST CLASS today and see for yourself - a new era in microlights is here in Australia.

Tanarg 912s BioniX 15

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Satis-fly... your Passion.!