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  BioniX 13

What a BLAST..!  The BioniX 13 - slices cleanly through the air, fast smooth and features light handling in pitch & roll, even in extreme conditions ~ with crisp, stable and predictable performance. The unique patented corset system allows you to adjust your flight speeds to 80 Knots (VNE 102 Knots) and safely land in a short distance - with slow stall speed of just.. 34 knots.

Dawn of a new era in Exact Science - prepare to be dazzled by the agility & manoeurability of the BioniX 13.!

     Tanarg 912s ~ BioniX 13     YFT Tanarg 912s BioniX 13 

You can master the elements flying the BioniX 13

Air Creation have been always a trike ahead in the global journey to design, certify and manufacture the safest most advanced microlight you can fly... since about 1982 the factory has produced more tha 7000 aircraft & export world-wide.

The wing is a significant component to a trike's performance, handling and in-flight comfort. The trike unit is fitted to the wing at the CG, and usually has all the creature comforts of good seating, appropriate cockpit instrumentation, pilot/ passenger ergonomics and a suitable engine to push the machine along efficiently. The Tanarg 912s offer you more..

For many years, trike manufacturers have been challenged with wing design to create an aircraft with the ability to fly fast, for long cross-country cruising or to be manageable in strong wind conditions. In addition, at MTOW 450 kg - the aircraft must be able to land at slow speeds for short field situations or in the event of an emergency landing in a rough paddock, safely.

The BioniX - is the only trike wing to achieve the results of ultimate performance and safety.. without compromise.

    BioniX Corset     BioniX Corset System

The 'CORSET' - is a patented design concept to allow sail billow & twist adjustment in flight. The innovative variable pulley mechanism, mounted in the root chord of the airframe construction allows you to fly at very low speeds, and with a twist of the at speeds of 85 knots or more... Imagine THAT..!

The attachment of the adjustment cords are directly linked to the trailing edge of the wing via a unique sail structure membrane. This unique patent design allows the billow/wing twist to be varied in flight to change the flight characteristics, without compromising the control bar pressures and pilot comfort ~ under a variety of flight conditions.

Custom BioniX Tanarg 912sTanarg 912s - 100hpBioniX 13 on approach at YFT

In slow flight - ideally a trike wing must have sufficient controlled billow/twist, to allow you to maintain command in roll, whilst having light pitch pressure controls and  very slow Vs - stall speed - without buffetting or sudden lift degredation.

The BioniX 13 offers you the capability to fly as you wish..

In fast flight - a trike wing must have less billow/twist, to allow the wing to fly faster than 50 knots - but maintain all the handling characteristics required for slow flight. A difficult challenge that few manufacturers have ever achieved.

Air Creation have cleverly designed the 'Corset" into the root chord to allow the sail to be changed during flight by a simple mechanism of pulleys, cord and sail technology. The Design Patents registered for the innovative 'Corset' are to restrict opposition manufacturers in the microlight world, from developing a similar copy of the remarkable 'Corset' design phylosphy.

To experience the flexwing revolution in comfort, style and safety with the BioniX 13 ~ Tanarg 912s ... is to fly a machine like no other. You immediately notice on take-off the ability of this stylish aircraft to launch effortlessly into the air, maintain accurate heading on climb, with minor pilot input - fly at any given speed you dial, and allow you to set final approach (very low CG) and landing of the Tanarg 912s.. as if it were on rails! Landings are simple, effortless and always straight.. even in crosswinds!

Download Here: Performance Specifications Data Sheet (pdf) - BioniX 13

   YFT - Tanarg 912s BioniX 13  Tanargs at YFT

You will be definitely impressed with the overall handling, comfort and safety of the Tanarg 912s - BioniX 13..

Fly.. FIRST CLASS today and see for yourself - a new era in microlights is here in Australia.

Satis-fly... your Passion.!