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  Spirit of Innovation

Over the years, most microlight manufacturers across the globe have developed wings for their lWings in Productionight sport trikes with a range of features to enhance the performance envelope of the aircraft.

A majority of wings are constructed upon the original principle of a delta wing airframe, with the sail created from high performance dacrons, materials & cloth fabrics.

Although certain aspects of the flexwing have changed since the early eighties, the structural design and engineering of components today, are of the highest standards for a majority of manufacturers, in Europe, UK, USA and Australia. 

To be in command of a microlight light sport trike, that is safe, reliable and demonstrates a crisp direct feel with consistant handling characterisitics - is a pure thrill to fly in the air....!

Clever Reason ~ Variable Geometry ~ Safety without Compromise

BioniX 13 - Tanarg 912s

All Air Creation wings have a pure handling appeal, both on the ground & inflight - a sense of balance and poise.

The microlight wing airframe structure, fittings and sail fabric are a unique blend of Air Creation engineering wisdom, technological aptitude and design experience... 30 Years.!

The wing's the thing.!

Almost everyone will firstly look at the trike, the bit we sit in with the engine and all the gadgets.

In reality.. the "Wing's the Thing" .. It's the pointy bit that keeps us & the gadgets in the air...!


Why are Air Creation wings the safest in the world.?

In flight - you can feel the spirit of innovation as you lightly grasp the control bar and manoeuvre your machine into your chosen flight path, it's direct, accurate and always responsive. In turbulence, or extreme conditions all Air Creation wings are stable, controllable and easy to manage. No matter the flight conditions, once you launch into the sky in an Air Creation machine you will immediately notice that you feel safe, secure, take a look at your airspeed indicator and you will be surprised.

German DULV Pitch Stability Test Vehicle

Static Structural Load Testing


Stalling or Slow Flight - all Air Creation wings have a stable, predictable stalling characteristic, with no tendency to wander off heading, drop a wing or become pitch unstable - the flight controls are firm and remain responsive at all airspeeds.

As you approach stall speed (Vs-minimum flight speed @ idle power) you will recognise the vertical attitude is difficult to hold.

Once the wing has approached the stalling angle, the aircraft will gently pitch down without any sudden or rapid descent - whilst maintaining predictable control pressures - normal flight is resumed immediately without pilot effort.

Air Creation trikes are prohibited for intentional spinning and/or whip-stall attitudes beyond 60 degrees to the horizon.

All pilots flying any aircraft should be absolutely aware of the manufacturers aircraft limitations/restrictions of the aircraft's flight envelope - bank angles, pitch attitudes, speeds - VNE and weight limitations.

Air Creation light sport trikes are non-aerobatic.

All detailed in the applicable Operator's Manual and on the Compliance Placard located in the cockpit of the trike.


  Flavour of Integrity

All Air Creation wings are subject to Static Load Tests - the wings are tested in compliance to the D.G.A.C. Design Requirements  6G Positive Loading at 25 degree pitching moment, and 4G Negative Loading. These extreme tests are conducted for a duration of two (2) minutes to substantiate zero deformation of airframe, sail fabric and wing structures, prior to acceptance by the D.G.A.C. - France.

Clever Reason - Airframe Technology

The German - DULV Pitch Testing Requirements which all Air Creation wings additionally satisfy, is substantiated in how these remarkable flexwings handle and perform. The control pressures at speed remain constant under a variety of conditions and the in flight adjustable trimming system fitted to certain models, or the 'Corset' in the BioniX and Nuvix models, is easy to operate, and allows you to fly 'hands-off' in comfort in most conditions.

Roll response from bank to bank is accurate and precise, minimal efforts is required and there is no tendency of 'Dutch Rolling' at high speed, precisely balanced, absolutely stable and aerodynamically efficient.

Component Identification LabelAll components are labelled with an identiication number of traceability both on the wing and the undercarriage at the factory. Mandatory Service Bulletins for any components that may affect flight safety or have a life expectancy fault can be identified to individual aircraft, with owners being able to change or modify the fault easy and effectively without compromise in safety.

Fly with us at Air Creation in Australia or Yarrawonga Flight Training today, and compare the difference.

Taste the flavour of innovation.. with the knowledge all the testing is in compliance with the highest International Ultralight Standards - France & Germany. We are confident you will appreciate the spirit of integrity and the stylish attributes of an Air Creation light sport trike.


  Perfection of ProfilePerfection of Profile

Air Creation wings have innovative features, exact sail geometry and the option to customise your wing colors, not just stickers,  the real thing.  You can select a personalised color concept and apply it to your wing which is all constructed with laser computer technology, each separate shape is individually sewn into the wing.  The sail accuracy is exact, you will not see any sail deformation or flutter in flight..

The wing will be aerodynamically perfect.

Profile stability is enhanced with the upper surface of the wing, constructed from Hydranet, which is UV resistant, water resistant and each wing has an individual test strip that is regularly tested to confirm fabric life and structural strength.

Attention to detail is evident in the superb quality of the sail construction and the the efficient performance, take a look at the top surface - cleTanarg Nuvixan stitching, smooth joins & very aerodynamic.

The airframe structure is manufactured from a variety of aircraft grade materials, including the highest Grade 6000 & 7000 T6 series aluminium, very light robust material - reducing weight whilst increasing strength.

The wing airframe is optimised for strength and durability with CNC fittings, 10 grade bolts and finished with leather covers on exposed junctions to complete a superb finish on all wings.

Air Creation have traditionally offered customers a choice in wing colour design, creating your own unique wing creation. Customisation of the undersurface for your aircraft, allows you to create a wing concept that matches your Tanarg undercarriage perfectly.. a machine that is really you!

  You will be impressed from the first moment you see an Air Creation wing.. - a unique blend of flight mastery..!

A box of Clever Reason

  Clever Reason

In 2013, Air Creation have created the benchmark in microlight aircraft design.

The BioniX and NuviX wings, are the new concept wings of the future here today...

Contact us or Yarrawonga Flight Training to fly the - Spirit of Innovation..!

You can select to fly slow, cruise or go fast, without compromise of handling or control pressures, short field landing capability-no problem, thats.. CLEVER REASON.

At Air Creation in Australia we aim to provide you with the perfect microlight aircraft that will be your absolute freedom machine - for many years of safe trike flying.!  


To fly an Air Creation microlight.. is to fly perfection, innovation and style ..

  a microlight designed with spirit, integrity & safety.. a True Pedigree.!


  Fly BioniX   Lets go flying

Satis-Fly...  Your Passion.!