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  Pixel iFun 250xc

The Air Creation design team have accomplished the development of a perfect single seater trike.. the world market is now able to buy the best minimum trike you can fly. The Pixel iFun 250xc machine is not just a powered hang glider, but the real deal.

A single seat trike, designed, certified and manufactured in just 3 years.. available now in Australia and across the globe. Offering pilots the simplicity and affordability without compromise on performance, safety and features...

The real - pocket rocket trike..! 

... A unique blend of pedigree essence, aviational wisdom and simplicity...


The Pixel iFun 250xc trike has evolved from the strength, reliability,

and heritage of the Tanarg & Skypper trikes.

     Pixel iFun 250xc       Pixel iFun 250xc  


The engine...

Fitted with the Polini THOR 250 engine, water cooled two stroke, the Pixel trike is ideal for many pilots seeking maximum fun in a small package. The Polini THOR 250 features extraordinary steady power output and better performance at every rpm. The die cast light-alloy alluminium cylinder grants better thermal stability with Nickel-Siliceous coated liner, improving the piston wear and resistance to abrasion.

The THOR 250 engine distinguishes itself with many other advanced solutions, for example - closed circuit fuel recovery and a unique 12 volt electrical circuit. The engine has confirmed under extreme test procedures to be very reliable and adapts itself to be ideal for trikes, para-motors and ultralights.


    Polini Engine        Polini Engine


The wing..

The iFun wing is crisp, light and just 15 mins to assemble - with a Stall speed of 23 knots, VNE at 60 knots - Cruise flight is ideal at 50 knots and you can launch in just 35 mtres..! Pixel iFun 250xc

Landing is even better, with a terrific front brake with parking brake included. There is heaps of storage in several neat compartments on the 250xc model and you have absolute safety with a three point safety harness fitted to a comfy seat.



The facts.. 

The total empty weight is just 95 kg, with a graduated fuel tank capacity of 16 ltrs... range approx. 400 klms. The useable payload is a whopping 123 kgs with full fuel on board..!

The stylish instrument console has all the necessary features, Altimeter, ASI, Water Temp, Flight Time, Tachometer, VHF Radio/Coms and a 12 volt socket for your ipad... incl. cruise control throttle in dash.

With a MTOW at 230 kg (250xc) and a fuel burn rate of only 5 ltrs per hour. the Pixel iFun 250xc trike is the most econmical trike with the largest payload available on today's light sport trike arena... and very affordable.!

Incredible Peformance


The Pixel iFun 250xc has both manual and electric start to give you simple starting procedures and swings a 2 blade HELIX propellor (1.5 m - dia) via the Polini THOR centrifugal clutch - entirely designed within an oil bath, with a mechanical helical gearbox.


Minimal vibration is acheived with a balancing countershaft making flight even more enjoyable with dynamic performance and reactive power output.. imagine flying a trike so light with smooth 36 hp pushing you through the air in comfort.



The performance characteristics of the Pixel 250xc - iFun machine, are perfect, exact and simple.

You can purchase a Pixel iFun trike - in complete assemble ready to fly.. or Kit Built options are available to build and fly your own trike - what a blast...! So.. (click here - see video)


What's the SECRET..?


Pixel iFun 250xc

We fly - Air Creation trikes..

All you need is a helmet..

RAA Pilot Certificate..

and you can go flying the world

in the Pixel iFun 250xc ..

Take a journey .. 1st Class


Pixel 250xc - iFun...  only $26,000.00 AUD (Euro 0.6500 rate) with RAA Registration, full options, incl. freight / GST.


Kit Built Option  2014 AERO Expo Germany

Call us today - 0438 307844... if you need to discuss your aircraft order for the Pixel iFun 250xc.