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  a.r.v. Tanarg 912s

The a.r.v. Tanarg trike is the safest trike in the world... designed and built from the integrity of the Air Creation GTE range of trikes manufactured since 1982. Air Creation have established over many years a superior flight philosophy...





Safety - Simplicity - Reliability

You can fly with absolute comfort... The pilot ergonomics featured in the comfy cockpit of the Tanarg will give your a direct sense of security, safety and style. The seats are designed to accommodate a range of body shapes with fully adjustable foot controls to allow the short & the tall pilots exact footing on the brake, throttle & steering controls.

Description   Tanarg 912 ~ iXess 15   Description 

The Air Creation Tanarg is a very capable trike - fitted with either the Rotax 582 or the Rotax 912 (80hp or 100hp) giving you a microlight aircraft with superior performance and outstanding style.

3 Wheel Disc Brakes ~ Low Centre of Gravity

Depending on your budget and your flying requirements, the Air Creation Tanarg is able to be optioned with three wheel disc brakes, Enigma glass colour instrument or anologue instruments and is the toughest trike built with a very low centre of gravity...ideal for those extreme cross wind landings. The space frame component structure of the Tanarg with a unique engine frame housing, eliminates 99.9% of all the engine/ propeller vibration - ultimately increasing the lifespan of your trike & engine.

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Perfection in Engineering

In addition, the minimisation of bolted components reduces wear & fatigue on the tricycle structure, giving you an aircraft that will give you many years of hassle free (low cost $$$) affordable flying!! The very best in engineering from the Air Creation's design team has established a benchmark in the microlight trike industry worldwide... over several decades.

Only Air Creation microlight aircraft have a life-time manufacturer's warranty that substantiates how confident Air Creation are with the integrity of their microlights! The warranty is supported by a network of dealers and importers to conduct aircraft overhaul maintenance in accordance to Air Creation's criteria, allowing you peace of mind and good re-sale value when sold.

If you take good care of your trike..  it will make safe flights for you..!

DescriptionIn fact, whilst in France at the factory during my Distributor Importer Induction, a customer flew his trike from the factory (after a factory QCS service) that was 17 years old and his trike was still under a factory warranty!..... amazing.

How does your trike manufacturer substantiate the quality & safety of their trikes.??

Is there any Factory Warranty..? ... Is the wing DULV Pitch Tested...??... Can you fly in the rain safely..??? These are questions you must ask yourself when considering how much you are prepared to spend on your next freedom machine..!

  If it's an Air Creation microlight..,

The Tanarg trike will be a wise choice indeed.

If would like to take a virtual ride to see the stylish Tanarg 912 - BioniX in action.. click here.