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  Air Creation Microlights

  Once upon a vision...

  In the year of 1982... Mssr. Jean Ives & Giles BRU founded a passion for flight and perfection.

   Some 30 years later.. the vision is absolute - an aircraft of pedigree intelligence with patent attributes.!

  Satis-fly... your Passion... Be in Command

  BioniX ~ Tanarg  ...True Grit - NO DEMANTanarg 912es BioniXDS.!


Description Clever Reason...

  Patent Design ~ Aerospace Technology

DescriptionVariable Geometry...

  Innovative Variable Wing Configuration

DescriptionReliable Performance...

 Safety without Comprise

Air Creation... established 1982 ~ Design + Certify + Manufacture - Light Sport Trikes..

The Air Creation factory is situated in the lower south of France, a short drive from Lyon Airport to the township of Aubenas, which is in the beautiful Provence of the Ardeche. The team at Air Creation... are experienced, professional and warm.

You feel like part of the family the moment you walk in the door. As you enter the Workshop of Wisdom.. for intelligent flexwing technology.., you immediately feel an atmosphere of professional calm, complimented by an enormous array of our International MiAirframe Wing Assembly Area - Air Creation 2011crolight Competition winning trophies.. throughout the foyer. The interior decor is red...grey and very Air Creation.

The assembly areas are in perfect order, organised and acutely clean. There are so many assembly departments.. it's a bit like a lego store with inimitable style & order.!

The sail loft is above the assembly areas which has an air of extreme accuracy. Computor design custom wings with laser cutting technology are all part of this amazing light sport aircraft business. 

  The Air Creation experience...

To experience how the largest microlight aircraft manufacturer efficiently produces the finest light sport trikes in the world, is a true experience in quality control, technological expertise and professionalism.Description Air Creation have an extensive factory complex with airstrip & flight school just 100mtrs from the back door, alongside a Military Aerodrome.

The AC factory has 25 permanent employees, with 6 members in design and administration...a real bee hive of aviation activity. As you move through to the engineering section, you notice product testing equipment, load cells, jigs and fixtures which are for something new, or further evaluation of a product component prior to certification.

Everywhere you look, you see quality and integrity - design & cleverness!


The assembly area for trikes is full of engines, propellers, cockpits, wheels, struts and plenty of nuts and bolts. Assembly of seven to ten trikes at time are in the production schedule all at different stages prior to ground test and flight test compliance.

  Description   Description    Description

Pure Innovation ~ Manufacturing Excellence....

Moving into the wing assembly area which is specifically orientated towards wing construction and fine tuning, full of color and shape. This is an eagle's the nest of Air Creation wings.. a factory over-flowing with colours and aerodynamics. The brand new BioniX and NuviX wings...the latest in flexwing technology are all ready to take flight prior to crate packing and despatch to a Distributor somewhere on the globe. 

The enormous paperwork process of Quality Control is evident at all stations. The assembly procedures for each product are checked at different stages by different personnel, with the Final Check Inspection prior to flight test, conducted by the Chief Inspector, who has no connection with the product during manufacture and assembly. 

This superior method of Quality Control for all Air Creation products requires dedicated staff and a management team that inspire safety in all areas of production manufacturing. A visit to the Air Creation factory is a conscious rewarding experience.