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 News ~ 2013

The latest news to hit the triking scene in Australia is the arrival of Australia's first Tanarg 912s BioniX 13  aircraft, fitted with the awesome Rotax 912s - 100 hp.. that's the news for 2013. Tanarg 912s BioinX 13

A new Air Creation Agent for Australia...

After several months of negotiations and preparations we are proud announce the official appointment of Yarrawonga Flight Training as an authorised Air Creation in Australia Agent... you can fly with Peter & Anne McLean at YFT in their amazing Tanarg BioniX 13 with the confidence you are flying the very best microlight ever built.

Introduction of 'First of Type' for any aircraft is a huge challenge, the import paperwork, documentation checklists,  assembly tasks, QCS Inspection Procedures and final acceptance. A paper trail, you really can't imagine unless you have been involved with aircraft importing procedures and compliance acceptance.

The RA-Aus & CASA team have been exceptional with the acceptance procedures. We thank the airworthiness & office staff for their efforts to have a us flying legally in Australian skies within a few days of application - a great achievement.

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First of Type Acceptance ... granted!

The relief and excitement for the 'First of Type' approval and subsequent RA-Aus registration acceptance is all worth the effort and we have achieved success with RA-Aus registration for the first Air Creation in Australia - Tanarg 912s BioniX 13 on the 17th Janaury 2013 - Yahoo..!

Peter & Anne have taken delivery of a very stylish yellow/carbon fibre in black Tanarg, fitted with the Rotax 912s engine, a whopping.. 100 horsepower combined with yellow 3 bladed Arplast Prop. Ground testing the aircraft


The BioniX 13 - Air Creation's latest release in trike wings.. has five design patents, aeroframe space technology and the unique sail  'CORSET' - offering pilots variable geometry configuration during flight, without compromise in handling or control efforts. Imagine that..!

Over the next few months you will see Peter & Anne flying from Yarrawonga in the Tanarg 912s BioniX 13, and carving up the skies around Victoria. We are quietly confident the feeling of pure enjoyment will be reflected through the YFT website (Go to YFT here) to see the latest news at YFT, and the triking future in Australia.

Thumbs up at YFT...

Thumbs up


So do a little investigating into the future of triking in Australia, and go flying at Yarrawonga Flight Training with Peter and Anne McLean, in the stylish and remarkable Air Creation - Tanarg 912s BioniX 13...!


We are proud to be associated with Peter & Anne at YFT and commend their efforts as an Air Creation Agent.

Satis-Fly... your Passion.!