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  Satis-Fly... your Passion.!

In 2017 ~ we celebrate twenty three years as the Australian General Importer for Air Creation microlights, light sport trikes/ultralights.

To fly the safest trikes in the world -especially Australia - Simply, a passionate desire to fly the finest machines in the world.

You can fly trikes now that are affordable, reliable, innovative and very stylish, the Tanarg 912s or the Skypper 912s,  offer you ergonomically superior two seat sport aircraft comfort with pedigree integrity of more than 7000 aircraft flying today.

Designed to give you absolute reliability, performance and versatility... without compromise. The BioniX wings have VARIABLE GEOMETRY - you select the handling, comfort & speed of your aircraft.. "IMAGINE THAT..!" 

 Take a journey into the flight testing delivery of two new Tanarg BioniX machines at YFT in October 2013.

True  Glory ... happens..!

Just 'Click'.. any - IMAGE  or 'RED'  text... to fly into the world of Air Creation.

TRUE GLORY ~  Tanarg 912s ~ BioniX 13   .. a significant step in triking future for Australia.

Air Creation aircraft are the finest on the planet... the safest microlights ever built.. simply - air creation's!

Tanarg 912s - iXess 15  Description  YFT ~ Tanarg 912s - BioniX 13

Discover the latest news, information, specifications on the AIR CREATION ~ Tanarg 912s-BioniX or the Skypper - NuviX

Tanarg 912s - Anologue Instrumentation - Rotax 912-100hp ~ Bionix-2 13 

* (Exclusions - Custom Colours, Intercoms & Helmets)

$80,800  AUD - Incl. Freight, QCS Assembly, RA-Aus Rego & 10% GST* - Fly Away..!

* (Subject to Euro Foreign Exchange Rates - Pricing Validity ~  December 2018)

 Pedigree Stallions Tanarg 912es - I just want one! Tanarg 912s - iXess 15

Clever Reason + Variable Geometry + Reliable Performance + Patent Design

See our most popular Youtube videos here.. 

Merry Christmas 2013

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas for 2013 and may you share special moments with family and friends over the festive season... enjoy a little fun with this video to celebrate a New Year is here for us - 2014.... !

Learning to Fly

Why we fly trikes..? A snippet of history wrapped in thirteen minutes of archive editing from the 1970's. Kite flying with family on the shores of Rathmines in NSW. Australia..... water skiing, towing ski planes & kites with no knowledge of where we would travel into the years of flight! Enjoy a journey of pioneer spirits in the evolution of why we fly trikes..!

Wanna see.. Tom Petty do, 'Learning to fly".. live.?   Click here..   just awesome!

Destination YFT 2013

Celebrating 17 years & 72 hours... a new adventure unfolded on the 1st January 2013 with a road trip to Yarrawonga Flight Training (YFT) for the delivery of Peter & Anne McLean's new Tanarg 912s (100hp) BioniX 13 aircraft.

Over 22 days, 7000 klms and a few stop-overs along the way to achieve the ultimate goal - 'First of Type' Compliance Acceptance for full RA-Aus Registration in Australia on 17th January 2012. See how we did it.. True Glory.

Fly Like An Eagle YFT

Fly like an eagle at Yarrawonga Flight Training - a unique team of trike pilots having fun doing their formation training routine over the countryside of Yarrawonga. Victoria. Music by Russell Morris - Fly like an Eagle. Satis-Fly... your Passion.!

Get A Feeling

Dust, Fun and Adventure down the south road out of Alice Springs to fly the 2012 Finke Desert Race. We camped in style with our Tanarg trailor for three days along side the Finke race track, at approx. 70 klms and flew above the buggys & bikes as the competitors endured some of the roughest racing ever. You gotta see this to live the experience!

After 6 hours of flying recording we have created a video of the adrenaline, speed and true exhilaration of flying the Alice Springs Finke Desert Race.... Experience the action & get the 'Finke..ling'... as we race with the fastest in the dust!  Enjoy!

Destination Fun 2012

Our road adventure discovering the truly amazing.. Rainbow Valley, Uluru-Ayers Rock, the Olgas & King's Canyon, across the dust & corrugations. Too windy most days to fly, but it was a great way to spend the New Year holidays.

Take a look at how the past 4 years, 800+ man hours, heaps of ideas & a few $$$'s, has created the Ultimate Tanarg Microlight Off-Road Trailor. We can go anywhere on the roughest roads & fly our Tanarg in the Aussie outback.. well almost anywhere.!

Imagine camping in the outback under a million stars with solar powered comforts and a log fire.... no traffic, no phone, no hustle & bustle of the big cities. Only us, friends, and the Tanarg in the open space of Central Australia. Imagine that.!

Tanarg Sunrise Eastern MacDonald Ranges Experience the Feeling

Always fly-right with clear ambition to land safely..!

Next journey..  stay tuned for the latest news, or go to NEWS on our website.

Smooth flights!

Chris Brandon

Satis-fly... your Passion.! 

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